Last Thursday 20th July 2017 the first meeting was held in Auckland for the newly formed Meth Testing Industry Association New Zealand (MTIANZ). Our esteemed leader, Denise Van Wijk, is on the committee of MTIANZ and partly responsible for setting up this association. The idea behind setting up MTIANZ is to clean-up the industry and provide some […]

Finally the release of the eagerly anticipated New Zealand Standard NZS 8510:2017 for the Testing and Decontamination of Methamphetamine-Contaminated Properties has happened, but what does it mean and what are the main take-aways for landlords, house-hunters as well as us meth testers. Well, to be honest it’s a mixed bag. Whilst well-overdue and with good-intentions, these standards […]

Why Test a Property for Meth? What we are seeing is that there are two main reasons people get a property tested for meth contamination: They’re looking to purchase and want to check it’s not contaminated. Its a rental and they’re testing between tenancies. Both are legitimate reasons and we are seeing an increase in the number […]

New Standards NZS 8510:2017

NZS LogoLatest News: New Meth Standards Released. Get our reaction on our >>> blog here <<< Our sampling and testing services are in-line with the new standards. Save

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Meth testing in NZ is like the Wild West. You need to make sure you don’t get hog tied. Here’s 3 reasons why we are your best choice for meth testing in the Hawkes Bay:

1. We are the only Nationally accredited representatives for Healthy Homes (NZ) LTD in Hawkes Bay. HHNZ is a National Meth Testing licensing authority. We are on the board of MTIANZ which is developing best practice and ethics standards for all meth testers in NZ.

2. Testing for meth is a scientific process and WE ARE scientists. We are not property managers or builders looking to make some extra money on the side.

3. We specialise in meth testing and offer no other services. For you this means no up-sells or conflicts of interest.