Meth Testing Cars & Other Vehicles

Meth Testing Cars & Other Vehicles

Meth testing cars and vehicles is becoming more common. Insurers are even starting to cover this type of damage. We have done a lot of vehicle testing and test for methamphetamine is cases such as:

  • Stolen Cars
  • Rental Cars

If your vehicle has been retrieved after being stolen it is a good idea to get a test done. The type of test we'd do is a screening assessment. If meth is detected your vehicle can most likely be stripped and cleaned. However, we find most people like to sell, but this is up to you of course.

We have worked with a lot of vehicle repair and grooming companies in the Hawkes Bay with regard to rental vehicles. We are happy to work in with anyone else involved, be it your insurer, the Police or vehicle servicing agent.

Meth Testing a Car