All our samples are tested in a laboratory. You get a full scientific report with accurate readings in micrograms (µg/100cm²).

All prices include GST.

Screening Assessment


Gives a yes / no answer and an indicative level of the contamination present. Includes up to 10 rooms. For more info on this test click here.

Best for house hunters and renters. Tells you whether there is meth contamination and how bad it is.

Detailed Assessment

$125 per room

Room-by-room meth contamination readings. For more info on this test click here.

If you're a home owner or landlord and are already pretty sure you have a P problem in the property, this is the test for you. You'll save a bit of time and money by not mucking around with the Yes/No test.

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*Results within 2 business days.

*Urgent results available within 1 business day on request for additional $30.

*CHB and Wairoa may be charged mileage. See here for more info.

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Screening Assessment
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Screening Assessment
Meth Testing Hawkes Bay,
11 Shortland Place,Havelock North,Hawkes bay-4130,
Telephone No.02108767132
Hawkes Bay
Laboratory meth testing for properties. Screening assessments $199. Detailed assessments $125 per room.

We Cover ALL of Hawkes Bay!

Whooooaa cowboy!

Meth testing in NZ is like the Wild West. You need to make sure you don’t get hog tied. Here’s 3 reasons why we are your best choice for meth testing in the Hawkes Bay:

1. We are the only Nationally accredited representatives for Healthy Homes (NZ) LTD in Hawkes Bay. HHNZ is a National Meth Testing licensing authority.

2. Testing for meth is a scientific process and WE ARE scientists. We are not property managers or builders looking to make some extra money on the side.

3. We specialise in meth testing and offer no other services. For you this means no up-sells or conflicts of interest.