In the Hawkes Bay, your local council is responsible for enforcing laws around meth contamination. However, even with the new standards, there is still currently no legal requirement to test a property and councils generally don’t find out about it unless notified by the Police.

Councils do have powers under the Building Act 2004 and Health Act 1956 to force actions, which can include:

>>> recording the contamination on the property’s Project Information Memorandum (PIM) or Land Information Memorandum (LIM);

>>> requiring the building owner to clean and/or close the building;

>>> requiring the building owner to re-test the building;

>>> requiring the building owner to demolish the building.

The new standards released; NZS 8510:2017 have set one contamination level for all livable areas in properties. Deprecating the previous three-tiered levels.

The new level is: 1.5 µg/100cm². Anything at or above this level is deemed to be contaminated.

The new standards also have very specific testing, reporting and decontamination requirements. For more info check here first.