The $199 laboratory composite meth testing technique offers the best value for clients and is the most used type of test for pre-purchase inspections and baseline tests for rental properties.

Ten samples (maximum) can be taken for this test. One sample per room is the required standard. This is usually enough for most New Zealand homes, but if there are more than ten rooms then an extra five-sample will have to be used at an additional cost of $100.

The ten samples taken are separated into two field composites (receptacles) of five samples each.  Both of these five-sample field composites are combined again in the lab to make one laboratory composite sample which is what is tested. In practice, all ten samples are tested in one mixed sample, giving a single result. This is what you see in your report.

The original five-sample field composite samples are retained by the lab for up to thirty days and can be tested individually if the lab composite result indicates that this might be necessary. This is useful if you get a high result as it can save money doing detailed assessments if five of the areas are re-tested and come out under the limit.