Meth Testing Hawkes Bay

What is a Field Composite?

A field composite is used in a screening assessment. It is a sampling technique in which multiple swipes are taken different areas and combined into a single tube (sample).

Field composites are usually used in conjunction with lab composite techniques because they save considerable cost to the client and offer the best value if you just want to check for meth.

We Cover ALL of Hawkes Bay!

Whooooaa cowboy!

Meth testing in NZ is like the Wild West. You need to make sure you don’t get hog tied. Here’s 3 reasons why we are your best choice for meth testing in the Hawkes Bay:

1. We are the only Nationally accredited representatives for Healthy Homes (NZ) LTD in Hawkes Bay. HHNZ is a National Meth Testing licensing authority.

2. Testing for meth is a scientific process and WE ARE scientists. We are not property managers or builders looking to make some extra money on the side.

3. We specialise in meth testing and offer no other services. For you this means no up-sells or conflicts of interest.